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Smart phones is very commonly used across country with help of Digital India Initiative. We are used to carry smart phones every where and have 10 or more reasons to check phone after every 5 min. Many research has proved, majority of smartphones users tend to check phones after every few minutes for various reasons, few are very commonly noticed such as make voice calls, read messages received from social messenger, and for entertainment.

Watching interesting video and playing challenging games is hard core fun, we observe all major video streaming mobile App and mobile games apps show case advertisement of multiple brands to reach specific set of target

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audience. WhatsApp users are untapped marketing, where less than 5% of  brands try to connect their customers using WhatsApp. We all know WhatsApp is most commonly used mobile application across globe under all Smartphones/Tablets/ Entry level phones.

It has been very easy to contact vast user database.  Attractive, Short and Informative multimedia content can create wonders in every single campaign. Bulk WhatsApp Message has proved record of mass communication in very short span of time.



It never happenes if you receive ping from individual WhatsApp users and it can be ignored. People never miss out to read any message shared on WhatsApp and received as individual ping.  Assured Bulk WhatsApp message delivery with more than 90% open ratio.Multimedia content is trump card. Drive WhatsApp users

WhatsApp users Enjoying Sharing Interesting Content

With attractive images with tons of emotions, customer engaging short video and 1000 character text will be over dose to convince at get them at your yard.


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