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Online WhatsApp campaign platform to communicate with potential customers. Create a loyalty program with WhatsApp Marketing Tool. The only online tool which comes along features to promote your product/service.

A video or picture is worth than thousand words. Enrich your bulk Whatsapp campaign sharing a photo, video or voice message.

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Online WhatsApp Marketing

Online Whatsapp panel is simple with cutting edge features.     We have come up with user friendly panel considering marketer might not be technical sound enough but smart enough to choose best platform to connect with right mode of communication. Understand the depth of WhatsApp marketing using online panel. Explore features of WhatsApp marketing and potential to promote individual or brand.  Today in world of personal gadgets, nothing is personal, getting more personal is new trend of marketing. Every company wants to lead in market share. Only understanding customers better will not take you extra mile.




2x Increased customer engagement

40% cost reduction on other digital marketing platform

Personalized Whatsapp Messages

Save your time on calls, upload your custom database   reach out large number of customers in single point of time. Bulk WhatsApp campaign in single click. Send custom messages with caption.

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