Bulk WhatsApp Message – Mobile Marketing

Smart phones is very commonly used across country with help of Digital India Initiative. We are used to carry smart phones every where and have 10 or more reasons to check phone after every 5 min. Many research has proved, majority of smartphones users¬†tend to check phones after every few minutes for various reasons, few[…]

How does Online WhatsApp Marketing Works

Connect with premium customer, share promotional content at regular interval. Convert potential leads to customers using customer engaging content like wise. WhatsApp Blaster allows users to share content across your customers database in single click. WhatsApp Blaster is complete virtual process of communication up to 1 million WhatsApp users in a day.¬† Spear Communication happy[…]

Connect with us to Explore Mobile Marketing

Yes, get one step closer to customer, connect with them at personal level. Digital marketing has ruled out traditional marketing trends, digital media is so pervasive that ever consumers can be reached out with custom promotional content every single time. Level of nitty gritty turns every campaign a customize content to reach out individual. Long[…]