Understanding The State Of Data Analytics

WhatsApp and other mobile Apps crawl our device and keep exporting data to respective data centers. This data is broken down into multiple clusters and under stand different behavior of App users comparing to millions of  data patterns.

This process is performed by highly skilled data analyst with loads of work experience.  Mobile application are data driven, accuracy of data analyzed at so deep level, this added to the bottom line through various projects, which were implemented successfully. Mix culture tools, traditional & latest technologies along with statistical tools. Few  statistical tools & technique commonly used in Big Data mining are logistic regression, RFM, Clustering, Segmentation, Random forest, scoring algorithm and some of the technology tools includes SQL, R, Tableau, etc.

Digital India movement proved to be beneficial. This movement helped most of financial institutions to trace spending nature of 50% Indian citizen. Online payment using plastic currency kick started with high amount of transaction monitored in last 24 months. Assess to internet is now quite affordable even in terms of entry level smart phones price is being slashed along with economical data tariff.

Volume of data in growing massively across globe on different platforms, in terms of trading, business transactions, entertainment, education, sports.


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