WhatsApp – Secured Solution after Pinterest & Instagram

User security is forcing everyone to push them self for next level security to retain users from every corner of the Globe.

In a race to prevent its users from from fake news and viral links.  The new feature will detect “suspicious link” when it is sent to a user. WhatsApp has reportedly confirmed that the feature was being tested. “To protect your privacy, these checks take place entirely on your device, and because of end-to-end encryption WhatsApp can’t see the content of your messages,” Sunday Express reported.

WhatsApp have been releasing features in beta versions. This new feature will put a red tab above “suspicious link” to alert the user. And avoid downloading unwanted images, videos from group chat rooms. An image of the functionality in use has been released. This feature may help protect the user from hack.

Suspicious Links Detection is the platforms latest attempt aimed at curbing the spread of fake news by showing a red label on suspicious messages. user need to update WhatsApp beta for an Android version to the 2.18.221 update in order to remotely receive the activation of the Suspicious Link Detection feature in Mobile App. Additionally, it will automatically identify the link received by the user – is redirecting to a fake or alternative website.

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